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Life is too short to be unfulfilled.

Whether you're an extraordinarily accomplished woman or man, wouldn't you agree that there is always another level?

It's a NEW CRAZY WORLD we are living in. Some will adapt and train to elevate their lives. Others, will settle and be left behind.

Get ahead in life! Experience the happiness, the love, the passion and fulfilment you've been looking for with Brave Hearts Coaching programs.  

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Emotional Mastery

Be More with proven tools to take control of your emotions and  truly reprogram your thinking and behavioral patterns. If you want to level up personal and professionally, you've got to modify your repetitive, self-defeating patterns that hold you back. Learn to understand people's needs and emotions, all while eliminating fear in communicating what is important to you. This will fuel your decision making and puts you in charge of your healthy well-being. 

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High Performance Mastery

Achieve More with the best strategies on advanced psychology, productivity, and leadership skills. Start implementing the science-backed habits to have the energy you need to get things done, to lead yourself and others to have a better career, business, life and relationships! Create long-term success to reach higher levels of performance and well-being. Feel more alive and connected to like-minded people who are committed to living an extraordinary life. 

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Relationship Mastery

Love More with this transformational 12-week program and have lasting love & passion in your life. Understand and express what matters to you so you can get everything you ever hoped for in a romantic relationship. Discover why Ying and Yang is a source of pleasure or a lot of pain that keeps bringing the worst in each other. To have a healthy, loving, passionate and extraordinary relationship, you need to master this.

Love More

Majority of successful people are not happy in their love lives.

Watch this video and learn the 1 thing that will bring you closer to a healthy, thriving, supportive, loving, and passionate relationship. 

Don't be successful without being happy in your relationship. I too fell into this category once in my life until the day I decided to become personally and professionally fulfilled in all areas of my life, and most importantly, in my relationships.

Understand this won't happen until you take matters into your own hands and decide to create what you want to experience in life. 

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Emotional Mastery


Discover the psychological blockages you have created (without even knowing) that is preventing you from having what you want in life and in relationships.

By learning the best psychology, neuro-science, and effective cognitive tools, you will eliminate what doesn't serve you, gain clarity on what's important for you and elevate the most important relationship in your life, which is the one with yourself first so you can finally have it all.

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High Performance Mastery

Learn the effective tools to break limiting mindsets and develop mental toughness so you can grow and achieve extraordinary progress and momentum. Stay focused on what matters the most to you all year long. No more feeling stuck. No more procrastination. No more settling for less than who you are and what you deserve in life. 

In this 12-weeks mastermind style group program, you will become a high performer while strengthening your heart, body, mind and relationships. 2 trainers & high-performance coaches will guide you to your highest levels of happiness, health and success. 

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Relationship Mastery

Get answers to questions like why do we do what we do in Love, Life, and Relationships? Why relationships can be short on chemistry and full of friction? Why passion fades away? Why do we lose respect or admiration in relationship? Experience a deep connection and passion that lasts in your relationship with this complete program. You will gain an understanding of your beliefs, values, and emotions as well as an practical guidance on how to ask for what you need and learn when to lead and when to follow in a relationship for love and polarity to be present at all times. These are the forces that will lead you to create lasting changes and enjoy a healthy, loving, thriving, and passionate relationship.

I'm Ready to Love EVEN More

What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

"When it comes to Relationship Strategist, there are loads of coaches that talk a good game, but Bianca Veloso can actually help you make it happen as she walks her talk.
I hired Bianca hoping to improve my love life..., but I am leaving with vastly more. She has enabled me, coached me, and improved my confidence to do, be, and have everything I want in life as well as in a loving relationship.
We covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that was easy to absorb. While at times the course was both fun and
challenging, Bianca's direct feedback for discovering my emotional blueprint, and my values, rules, as well as my belief system was invaluable. The structure was clear, logical and effective. The main benefit came from doing the assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Bianca. She has this calm and logical method of coaching that truly connected and inspired me. This format gave me the tools to implement new strategies for emotional mastery immediately.
Bianca and her passionate Brave Hearts Coaching programs are the REAL DEAL. I can't speak highly enough of her or them.."

Stephen B.

Manager - successfully completed "Relationship Mastery = Your New Love Life Program".

"Bianca, my wife and I still talk quite a bit about what we learned with your program, it has really helped! I have to admit, in the midst of all this pandemic, I've been having chest pain... I've been worried that I couldn't provide for my wife and it would lead to a divorce! Not my finest moment.. but we both remind ourselves of how much we've been through and as long as we do half the things you taught us in your program, we can avoid that fate. We decided to practice the principles each morning and having that foundation gives me the strength to be the man I need to be for myself and my wife. Every time! Emotional Mastery is truly the foundation of our healthy relationship. So thank you for that." 

Jay & Kate.

Dentist & Project Manager.

Jay & Kate successfully completed "Relationship Mastery = Your New Love Life Program".


"My experience with Bianca was tremendously helpful in getting clarity on my vision and helped me tackle what was holding me back from having my dream life. Her program is easy to follow and allowed me to take a steps forward with each session. I am a sales trainer and I appreciated the multiple learning modalities that she incorporates. Bianca is a true professional at her craft. She listens intently, is intentional with her questions, and understood what I wanted to achieve. Her heart is gold and she challenges just enough and supports me through it all. My relationship with my fiancé has more passion than ever. Bianca is someone who’s changed my life and helped me prioritize what was most important." 

Christy S.

Sales Trainer 

Christy successfully completed "High Performance Mastery" program.

Bianca Veloso White, Master Coach 

I'm a former Corporate America Executive who led & trained many professionals around the world for 16 years to notice one thing in common: majority of successful people are not fulfilled in their lives. And wouldn't you agree that success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure?

I hear you. I've been you. And I know how much it sucks to be successful and not fulfilled. I took matters into my own hands and the work paid off. I'm successful and fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams... and you can be too! For the past 8 years, I have coached hundreds of men and women who have committed to elevate their lives, careers, and relationships to the next level. 

My clients are successful professionals who have been focusing on their careers and now want to Be, Achieve, & Love EVEN MORE in life.

They choose to work with me because my transformational and innovative coaching services use my master degree in leadership, executive experience in Fortune 100 companies combined with certified unique solution-based humanistic approach to psychology: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning), which are effective tools used to create lasting changes.

I specialized in emotional mastery strategies that use research-based neuroscience, cognitive tools and human psychology. I guide my clients to achieve extraordinary results in the shortest time and the most effective way so they can live life on their terms.

Isn’t that what you want from a coach?

If you answered yes, let's talk!

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Learn the principles that are the foundation for healthy, loving, thriving, and passionate relationships. 

Life is passing you by.

I've been in your shoes and being skeptical costed me.

I wish I had hired a coach to learn these strategies 20 years ago. 

Don't follow that path!

Just like I have experienced first hand, what’s HOLDING YOU BACK are BLIND SPOTS and there is NOTHING WRONG with you - even if you deep down think there is. Not discovering these blind spots will keep steering you to the same disappointments in life.

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You deserve it!

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