A Game Changer for Love, Life, and Relationships.

Emotional Mastery

for Men & Women Who Want to

Be, Achieve & Love More.


A Powerful

Approach to

  Lifelong Love. 

A simple, step-by-step guide for you to understand your beliefs, values, and emotions. These are the forces that will lead you to create and enjoy extraordinary relationships.

Your New Love Life Program

Why do we do what we do in Love, Life, and Relationships?


Your Emotional Blueprint

Master proven tools for taking control of your emotions and learn to truly reprogram your thinking and behavioral patterns. Start working with a blueprint that fuels your decision making and puts you in charge of your relationship destiny.


Duration: 6 sessions



Love Life

Build on the skills you’ve gained in the program with lessons, exercises, and insights that will show you how to maintain excitement in your relationship. In the Magic Love Life course, you'll learn how to communicate and respond to your partner’s needs and emotions, all while eliminating fear.


Duration: 3 sessions


Polarity Equals Passion

Are your dates short on chemistry and full of friction? Do you and your partner live like roommates? How would you like to experience a deep connection and passion that lasts in your relationship? With the guide of an energetic assessment, you will gain an understanding of when to lead and when to follow your partner so polarity is present at all times.

Duration: 3 sessions

Love Fearlessly

and Live Powerfully 

I use a solution-based humanistic approach to psychology with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and

NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning) tools to unleash my clients’ brave hearts. These are effective tools that assist them to achieve extraordinary results and create lasting changes that make it possible to establish, maintain and enjoy satisfying personal relationships.

Let's Start!

Who is this

Program For?

You are a hardworking career-driven individual. You understand the value of your work and prioritized working late time and time again. Now you find that work is not as life fulfilling as you’d hope. Perhaps you want to come home and share a meal with someone instead of checking your email.


I understand you. I’ve been you.


Now is the time for you set forth and prioritize yourself for change, and the possibility to open yourself up to life-long love. My expertise as a Relationship Strategist is to replace that

“What’s wrong with me?” cycle of frustration with the tools you need to get more out of love and life.

The Brave Hearts Package




12 private one-on-one personalized in-person or online sessions for 1hr 30mins with me. 


Exclusive Brave Heart Group

An exclusive group where you can interact with other Brave Hearts and ongoing support from me.  


Constant Communication

Direct access to me to discuss top of mind issues during the length of the program.  



Learn to feel confident in your ability to effectively understand and communicate your needs with your partner



Ripple Effect

The positive ripple effect you can create in your relationships and in the world as a whole.


Modifying Self-Defeating Patterns

Modify your repetitive, self-defeating patterns that continue to hold you back.


Download my Free Book

 “9 Secrets to Outstanding Relationships”

Learn the principles and skills necessary to hold yourself, your thoughts, and your actions to the standards that bring out the best in you and your partner. 

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Bianca has a gift to change lives -- I mean the deep, substantive, lasting change that enhances everything, and everyone, around them. I would highly recommend anyone looking to enhance their lives and relationships to actively seek her guidance.

You are so infinite, my dear Bianca, in your love, a gift from God on this earth. I'm grateful for all humanity to you as light and truth in this existence. You shine on in guiding all of us toward the brilliant beauty within us that are dying to break free. Thanks for unleashing my brave heart.

I've learned so much through Bianca’s coaching, and have gained clarity in my relationship that has helped me make important decisions about my future so I can experience true love.

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My mission is to unleash Brave Hearts through Emotional Mastery. 

 • I’m a Master Coach specialized in Emotional Mastery, a Certified High-Performance Coach and a Trainer at

Tony Robbins events.


• My clients are successful professionals who have been focused on their careers and now want to achieve the same results in their relationship and other areas of life. ​


• I hold an Executive MBA with emphasis in Leadership and Innovation with 18 years of Leadership Positions

in Corporate America.

• I believe in delivering results in the shortest time possible.


People tell me they enjoy my sense of humor, the fact that I keep things simple, and that I’m authentic in all situations. They find me relatable because 

I have the “I give a sh!t” gene.


If you ever felt like having a successful relationship seems far fetched and unrealistic because of the disappointments you have gone through in the past, what’s HOLDING YOU BACK are BLIND SPOTS and there is NOTHING WRONG with you.

I will guide you to a fulfilling love life in just 3 months.