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Do You Enjoy Your Love Life Or...


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A Powerful Approach to Lifelong Love

Now is the time for you set forth and prioritize yourself for change, and the possibility to open yourself up to life-long love. My expertise as a Relationship Strategist is to replace that “What’s wrong with me?” cycle of frustration with the tools you need to get more out of love and life.


Here's the Scoop on What's Included:

Video Training Sessions

These videos are made for you to review insights, strategies and all the breakthroughs you will have in each session.

Implementation Guides

These guides will be the support you need to implement the strategies you learn in each session at a habitual level.

Private Sessions

12 private personalized online sessions of 1hr with me, plus 6 months of check-ins & exclusive content inside of Brave Hearts Library. 

'Your New Love Life' Program

Consists of 3 Courses:

Your Emotional Blueprint

Discover where you are in your relationships and
what prevents you from having it all. 

In this course, I'll walk alongside you from the beginning to end.
In the first 6 sessions, we'll have a topic relevant to your self-discovery. Because, what is the most important relationship in your life? Is the one with yourself!

You'll master proven tools to take control of your feelings, emotions, and learn to truly reprogram your thinking and behavioral patterns.

You'll discover your emotional blueprint and redesign it to fuel your decision making and put you in charge of our relationship destiny. 

You will discover:

What Determines the Quality of Your Life;

The Formula for Happiness and How to Eliminate Suffering;

How to Master Your Emotions;

Your Primary Needs and Your Partner's;

Your Present Values and Belief System;

Re-prioritize Your Values and Create The Relationship of Your Dreams;

Bonus Session – Design Your New Love Life!


Polarity Equals Passion

The following 3 sessions will give you all the answers you seek to understand what really makes a relationship passionate.

You'll learn to build excitement in your current relationship (or attract an ideal partner) by tapping into your partner's energy and work with your own in a way that goes beyond the Yin-Yang dynamic you’ve heard so much about.

You'll understand when to lead and when to follow your partner. You will learn how to minimize conflict, and increase connection. And you will gain control of your relationship destiny and create a spark that will last!

You will discover your energetic essence through a self-guided test and we will discuss real-life challenges around Femininity and Masculinity. With that understanding, it will be easier to know your partner's traits & characteristics or what to look for in an ideal partner.

You'll also learn how to remove protective masks, embrace vulnerability, and create fulfilled relationships by implementing proven ways to minimize conflict and increase connection right now.

Magic Love Life

The last 3 sessions of the program is reserved for key strategies to learn how to balance and work with your partner.

In Magic Love Life course, you'll learn how to communicate your desires and respond to your partner’s needs and emotions, all while eliminating fear.

Build on the skills you’ve gained earlier in the program with lessons, exercises, and insights that will show you how to maintain excitement in your relationship.

Each session is structured with a relevant topic that supports personal development and provides relationship strategies to guide you to create lasting passion and love.

You'll learn how to overcome the biggest challenges in your relationship: infidelity, betrayal, lack of trust and physical distance.

You will also get to practice the effective ways to communicate your emotions and strategies for responding to your partner's needs and desires.

And we will end the program with the 9 Strategies that are proven to create lasting love and passion, when used by both partners. It takes two Brave Hearts to have an outstanding relationship!



"My time with Bianca has resulted in the most transformation to date. The program was effortlessly customized to my specific needs and I feel the enormous benefits of having Bianca's deep skills and expertise laser-focused on me. Not only has my confidence blossomed, but my ability to self-coach has been nothing short of life-changing. The value I've received during this program far exceeded my expectations, and I can't recommend Bianca more highly."

Linda E.

Just Imagine...

Feeling fulfilled by your relationships every day...

Ending the dead-end dates cycle & dating games...

Overcoming your fears and being in love again...

Feeling confident in your ability to effectively

understand and communicate your needs

with your partner...

You better, happier, more successful...

The positive ripple effect in your relationships and in the world as a whole...

You can start 'Your New Love Life' today and experience all of that in just 3 months!

Say YES to Your New Love Life!

Hey Brave Heart,

It’s frustrating to be highly successful in every area of life without achieving fulfillment in relationships - I’ve experienced this feeling firsthand.

I'm Bianca Veloso and my expertise as a Relationship Strategist is to replace that “What’s wrong with me?” cycle of frustration with the tools you need to get more out of love and life.

I commit to guiding my clients with the strategies they need and they commit to an intensive, innovative program where they learn to naturally generate a healthy partnership with lasting love and passion!

I have a Master Degree in Leadership and Innovation, I'm a Certified Master Coach and a Trainer at Tony Robbins live events. I use a solution-based humanistic approach to psychology with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning) tools to unleash my clients’ brave hearts. These are effective tools that assist them to achieve extraordinary results and create lasting changes that make it possible to establish, maintain and enjoy satisfying personal relationships.

"You have made a profound difference and lasting change in my life and relationships. I can't thank you enough for being so persistent in teaching me these tools and insights. The freedom of letting go the blame of my past is uplifting! I am excited for what the future holds for me!"

Nora J. / 34-years-old
Business Development Manager

Refund Policy

If by the end of the 3rd session, you have re-watched the video training, completed the implementation guides and still don’t feel you have gained value, just show us your work done to implement the strategies at a habitual level and we’ll happily refund the remainder of the amount paid for the program back minus any processing fees.

All transactions are conducted in United States dollars (USD) and no adjustment for foreign exchange rates will be made. Brave Hearts Coaching, LLC has the right to deny any refund request. If you have a history of buying online courses and not completing them, do not purchase this program. A buyers remorse refund request will NOT be granted.

You Got Questions?

I Got Answers!

The moment you purchase you'll immediately receive an email with login information giving you instant, lifetime access to "Your New Love Life" Program.

The Introduction and Session 1 Video Training + Implementation Guide will be open and then each week you'll receive a new Session!

You have lifetime access to all this program & bonuses, as well as, all future updates and additions!  

My clients are successful professionals who have been focused on their careers and now want to achieve the same results in their relationship and other areas of life.

Couples who want to take their relationship to the next level have found tremendous value from this program. 

And my single brave hearts get what they need and desire after learning the strategies presented in "Your New Love Life" program. 

It's a valid question. I get that opening up to a "stranger" can be scary. I get that being vulnerable and dealing with past experiences can be painful.

But answer this question: How much your happiness cost? Personal development is a luxury. Investing in the most important relationship of your life, which is the relationship with yourself first, is the best investment you will make.

Truth is, the answer to the "will it work?" question depends on YOUResults vary depending on the implementation you get to make daily and I make no guarantees (my lawyers make me say that haha).  

However, if you follow the steps, take action, and complete the program then... YES it will work. 


One thing I guarantee: the program contains tools and resources to create lasting changes in your relationship. Like anything else it may not be instantaneous if you don't have the desire to learn and implement the principles.

Men and Women have very different fundamental needs. Outstanding relationships are created when both spouses become passionate about discovering what those needs are, and then become just as passionate about fulfilling them

Don't worry, we'll go over that in the program and your life will never be the same again! 

Yes, there is flexibility! The moment you enroll in the program, you'll have instant, lifetime access to the video training and resources. You can complete the courses whenever it works for your schedule, as well as, revisit your recorded private sessions to continue to gain new insights. And don't worry, I'll be checking in to cheer you on (and call you out when needed) as your coach and make sure you finish the program!

The most important question!

I’m a Trained Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Strategic Interventionist, a Certified High-Performance Coach and a Senior Leader at Tony Robbins live events.

I hold an Executive MBA with emphasis in Leadership and Innovation with 18 years of Leadership Positions and Business Relationship Development roles in Corporate America.

I believe in delivering results in the shortest time possible. Isn't that what you want from a coach?

People tell me they enjoy my sense of humor, the fact that I keep things simple, I'm invested in their well-being, and that I’m authentic in all situations. They find me relatable because I have the “I give a sh!t” gene.

My mission is to unleash Brave Hearts through Emotional Mastery so my clients can enjoy outstanding relationships with lasting love and passion!

"Bianca has a gift to change lives -- I mean the deep, substantive, lasting change that enhances everything, and everyone, around them. I would highly recommend anyone looking to enhance their lives and relationships to actively seek her guidance. Our marriage of 13 years was uplifted and our kids now can learn from us because of the strategies she teaches."

John W. / 47 years old
Business Owner / Husband / Father


Still Undecided?

I've been in your shoes and being indecisive costed me. I wish I had listened to that internal voice and trusted my intuition to learn these strategies 10 years ago.

Don't follow that path!

Book a FREE Discovery Call and let's find out where you at, where you want to be, and what's preventing you from having it all in your life.

You deserve it! 

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