Yes, There Is A Formula for Happiness With No Calculus Required

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If I tell you there is a formula for happiness, would you believe? And if I tell you the formula requires no calculus, would you then believe? Most of the people say… Nah, that’s B.S.! 

Yeah, I know… I was skeptical too when I heard it. But when you get this simple yet profound life lesson, you will feel very different moving forward. That I promise you.

Time to be honest with yourself here: what’s one area of your life where you’re not happy right now? It could be your finances, career, a relationship, your health... It might sound something like, "I should be married / live in a great neighborhood / working at a better company,” and so on. In summary, where “should you be” in this stage of your life right now? 

When the way you’re living your life doesn’t match where you think your life should be, you’re bound to have disappointment, frustration in the areas of your life where you’re not happy.

Where your life should be is the story in your head of how life is supposed to be, otherwise known as your ‘Big List of Shoulds’. Ask yourself these questions right now to further understand your shoulds “your blueprint” versus where you are right now in your life “your current life conditions”:

#1 What was your life “supposed” to be at this stage? 

#2 What is an area in your life today that you feel proud of? 

#3 Why are you happy with that area of your life today? 

Clarity around the gaps between where you are, what’s working, and where you want to be is essential. It’s the fuel for your drive and will help you make major changes. 

Ok, enough suspense. Here’s formula of happiness, according to Tony Robbins:

Your Blueprint + Your Life Conditions = Happiness        

Happiness occurs when your current life conditions MATCH your blueprint. 

And you might already have guessed it… the formula for unhappiness is when your current life conditions don’t match the stories you have told yourself of what your life should be. 

The best time to design the life you love is now.  

Suffering is optional. You have the control to change your life conditions, blueprint, and the actions you take to fulfill it.

We all agree 2020 has been a challenging year! Yet, many managed to make great progress because they understood the simple concept of this formula, which is Progress = Happiness!

Don’t let another year come and go where you feel stuck. Think of all the wasted energy you could spend by reacting to your environment instead of taking action and designing your life. Nothing is going to change unless you change it.

Ready to discover how to eliminate suffering and live in an empowered emotional state? 

Book a coaching session today and let’s chat about what’s preventing you from having extraordinary results in your life!

All the best to you,

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