When to END a relationship.

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Have you stayed in a relationship WAAAAAYYY TOO LONG thinking it was the best thing to do? I know I have! And it was the wrong decision...

Having to come to terms it's time to end a relationship is not easy. We’re consumed by fears and internal doubts of when it is time to break up, or how many chances do you give to someone before you come to a conclusion it is time to leave a relationship. In this v-log post, I’m going to share a few insights to guide you if you’re going through some tough times. 

Summarizing, if your partner is abusive and is neglecting these areas we’ve addressed on this v-log post, listen to your intuition, build the courage, and let your partner go. If it is real love, and if they are aligned with these values, maybe they will come back to your life after working on what needs to be addressed. It is not your job to usher everybody through their own journey. Your happiness depends on this decision. Unleash your brave heart and seek the relationship you will feel fulfilled in.

If this post touched you in any way and you would like to chat with me about the situation you’re in, I will be happy to connect, understand what's going on in your life, and shine a light on your path. Grab a FREE 45mins call on my calendar and let’s discover if it is time for you to quit on someone and move on towards a fulfilling, loving, and passionate relationship. You deserve it!

As always, unleash your brave heart, and start enjoying your new love life today! 

To healthier and loving relationships,

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