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What is Missing in Your Love Life

You’re a smart, successful professional who has your life together, but there’s one thing you keep struggling with; you’re missing out on that one amazing relationship and one amazing person…

“Why am I still single?” You may ask… And it leads you down to another question… “Why do I keep attracting “the wrong” partner? Which leads to a question I’ve also asked myself time and time again… “What’s wrong with me?”

If your love life isn’t where you want it to be, or even if you’ve never had any sort of long-term relationship (ever), this area of life has led you to heartache, challenges and loneliness. You’re tired. And worried you may never have the loving partnership you’ve always dreamed of.

After studying from the best experts in the field of personal development and relationship field for the past 7 years, it’s clear that the missing components for a thriving, passionate and loving relationship are these 3 things:

Vibrancy – how are you showing up in your life? Full of energy or lacking?

Connection – are you connected with your loved one? Do you create opportunities throughout the day to connect with your partner? You don’t wait to be connected. You create moments to connect.

Meaning – Do you wake up excited to love on your partner? Do you feel at the end of the day, you lived and loved with intention?

We all want to experience a passionate and loving relationship. We know these things will make us feel even more alive and fulfilled. So, what gets in our way? Distractions. Lack of Focus. Excuses. Stories. F.E.A.R. We’re either choosing distraction or to be focused. We get in our way too often. Conscious or subconsciously we find excuses. We create stories to connect with deep part of ourselves that are unmet needs. We spiral our energy down. We don't show up engaged. We neglect others. We let doubt and distraction win. We don’t lead from our hearts. We live in F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Life is passing you by. The same way it was passing me by. I witnessed ALL my family and friends get married and start a family. I’ve been disrespected, betrayed, stayed in a relationship waaaaaaaaay to long… until I took matters into my own hands. And spent thousands of dollars on hiring several coaches, attending several personal development events, reading hundreds of books… I felt exhausted!

Many coaches and therapist could tell me what to do, but few have done the work themselves. I’ve done the work (and continue to do it) and my wish for you is NOT to go on the same long path I went.

That’s why I created a signature program called “Your New Love Life”. And on the first course of this program, my clients eliminate limiting beliefs and all obstacles that have been preventing them from having an exciting relationship. Together, we discover what kind of love life they want to experience. We break the bonds of old stories and excuses. We reconnect with truth and power. Even if the relationship they are in is good, there is always another level. More vibrancy. More connection. More meaning.

In just 12 sessions, I can guide you through the journey. You will create new habits and a new way of being. It requires courage and vulnerability for that. It takes a brave heart to level up and experience a new love life. Best of all, I have a giving and generous spirit with a passion to teach others how to create the best relationship with themselves first so they can love others fearlessly and live their lives powerfully.

You’ve waited long enough. It’s about time you have the love life you’ve always dreamed about.

Schedule your discovery call today and let’s create a vibrant, connected and meaningful relationship for you to enjoy!

With Love,