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What does polarity have to do with passion anyways?

Have you heard about Yin-Yang? I know I have for as long as I have been alive but what the heck does it have to do with passion anyways?

The Chinese concept of Yin-Yang describes a balanced seemingly opposite forces that complement each other but in relationships are more like a contrast that together creates harmony and passion. It is the logic and emotion, the female and male energy we all have in us. That sounds too obvious, right? Yeah - that is what I thought until I learned it isn't that simple! When I was getting trained as a relationship strategist, my former coach asked me these questions when we first started working together: 'Do you know your energetic essence? And mostly important, do you know what energy are you currently operating on and how to balance the male and female energies you have? I was clueless!

If you are a successful and a bad-ass woman (like me!), chances are you will find this topic very interesting. You have conquered your independence, career success, climbed the ladders of the corporate world, and/or kicked butt growing your own business. YAY! All the power to you (us)! But where are you in the relationship spectrum of your life? Do you find yourself in a relationship that you are no longer excited about? Are you in a relationship for convenience? Or are you planning your escape? Or are you without a relationship and have tried everything in the past and feel confused about why you keep attracting the same partners that don't meet your emotional needs? Or do you find yourself trapped in the same dating cycle, attracting the same characteristics in a partner that ultimately don't compliment your happiness? Do you blame yourself for it?

My 16 years experience in the corporate world brought me tremendous growth and success. I was rewarded financially for developing markets around the world, lead sales teams in different countries, manage global sales process and improve partners' operating efficiency that brought outstanding results to the companies I worked for. What's bad in this? The high-cost in my personal life, in my marriage of 7 years, and subsequent relationships I had after my divorce. I truly understand the frustrations that repetitive patterns in relationships bring, the feeling of being lonely and the sickness of wasting time on dates that go nowhere. I decided to take matters into my own hands and embarked on a quest to learn from the best experts in the relationship field, while getting a Masters Degree and working for one of the top tech giants in the world, Microsoft. No big deal, right? After all, we are bad-asses! The biggest learning? Polarity! It is more than knowing Yin & Yang conceptually... Trust me on this!

The good news in this? You DON'T have to change who you are! Yes, you read it right. You just need to learn your energy essence to attract your ideal partner that is complimentary to your energetic essence - or learn the triggers that kill passion over time so you can avoid those and be able to reignite passion in a relationship at any stage in your life.

It is time to reveal what is behind the mask you have been wearing without even knowing! If you are female energy centered woman in your essence, I will show you how to use your female side to attract your ideal partner who will cherish your feelings predominantly. If you are not a female energy as an essence, you will learn how to get your ideal partner that will respect and value your intellectual leadership.

I have learned the insights, evolved as a woman, applied them in my love life successfully and so can you! Being able to identify your true essence and operate under it is essential for a healthy and passionate intimate relationship. It is the foundation and the necessary chemistry between two partners that brings out the best in both. The type of chemistry that partners need to grow together, create and sustain the flame alive.

Join me on this wonderful journey to understand what does polarity have to do with passion in relationship!

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