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The Secret to a Fulfilled Life

When I read titles of blog posts or articles that include words like “the secret”, “magic”, “formula”, I cringe. Well, I used to. Until I started learning and growing from the best high performance coaches, renowned authors and experts in the world on how to achieve fulfillment in relationships and in life. All I do now is to find and apply humanistic solution-based approach to psychology in my life and in my business.

What I learned this past year can truly help you gain a new perspective, regardless which stage of life you are in. It took me several different lessons to finally find the secret to a fulfilled life, and as my gift to you on this holiday, I compiled it all here in this blog post.

There are 3 steps to unlock this secret...

The first step is to have FAITH. Whatever your belief system is, faith strengthens your abundance mindset and your self-confidence. Faith in the unknown, in God, in infinite intelligence, in the universe, and/or in yourself removes focus from lack and opens doors to multiple possibilities. When you believe that everything you desire really is available to you and you possess all the tools, power, and permission to manifest it, the path to your goals will be shown to you. It may not come your way - pronto - simply because faith requires patience.

FAITH allows you to release the need to know how it is going to happen to trust that the way will be shown and to take actions before all the answers are going to be laid down for you.

So, go ahead, have faith that all you want is on its way. Envision it. Feel it. Know that you will receive it because you work hard for it and give so much value in everything you do. Be grateful for what is coming your way!

The second step is…. You wanna guess? Yep, it is GRATITUDE.

Everything you desire and need are available to you at any given moment. Gratitude shifts your perspective, open new doors, and sets you free from doubt, worry, and fear. Staying faithful and grateful simultaneous when sh*! hits the fan is what sets successful and fulfilled people apart from those who prefer staying in denial and going through life wearing a victim hat.

When you are grateful for challenges and situations instead of hanging on to feelings of frustration, overwhelm, anger, or sorry for yourself, you experience growth instead of resentment, doubt, or pain. Growth happens through friction and challenges. And remember that the truth will set you free, but it will piss you off first!

This is not a suggestion to deny or suppress your feelings. It is about choosing to perceive your life in a powerful way. Even when the lesson is not clear in the moment or in a particular situation, be grateful for the possibilities you will be led to in a bigger scheme of things. You can choose to be a victim to your circumstances or take responsibility for how you choose to perceive them.

Have FAITH that you and the universe have created everything for your growth. No matter what! Make GRATITUDE your default behavioral pattern. Be grateful for what you have and for what is coming for you! There is no lack of things to be grateful for if you remember to pay attention in your surroundings and shift attention off your phone, computer or TV - after you are done reading this post, of course. :-)

GRATITUDE unites you with universal intelligence and matches your frequency with the universe’s via thoughts, and feelings of love.

The third step, you wonder? It is the BIG L word. LOVE.

Whatever life delivers, find a way to LOVE it. Even the unlovable. Even when it is not convenient. Together with faith and gratitude, when you can love even through painful and stressful times, your life and relationships will be epic. If you can find grace within yourself from your worst experience, and learn, grow and contribute beyond yourself, maybe your worst experience will become your best.

There is no question we will all experience injustice in our lifetime. The only question is what would you do with it? Will you become the victim or the victor?

The way you become the victor is by overcoming the obstacles, the injustice, the limiting beliefs that have set you back from a fulfilled life. You don’t justify it, you don’t support it, but you know you have 100% responsibility. Not for the event itself, not for the injustice you’ve gone through. You're responsible for what you're going to do with it moving forward.

Everything in our lives is a blessing. Even the unconscionable, even the unjust, even the unimaginable.

Free yourself from any life event that has held you back. Learn to let go, surrender to faith, be grateful and love no matter what. Put the oxygen mask on yourself so you can truly give back to those you love, to your family, to your friends, to your clients, your partners, to your community and to the world.

Once you master these 3 steps at a habitual level, there is an entirely different reality out there waiting for you. All you have to do is decide to take these 3 steps to the gym everyday so you can strengthen these 3 muscles. It has helped me shifting from FEAR, DOUBT and WORRY to everlasting state of unshakable FAITH, GRATITUDE and LOVE.

I could repeat myself by saying that it took me a long time and many hard lessons to get to this state of bliss. It did. But the secret is hidden in the moment you DECIDE to make these 3 things a priority in every moment. YOU get to choose to have unshakable faith, YOU get to choose to trade expectations for appreciation, and YOU get to choose love over hate, anger or deception.

What will you choose moving forward?

I hope this post serves as a reminder that you hold the key to a fulfilled life. Decide to fulfill it wisely.

Wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays!

Look for my New Years’ blog post. I can’t wait to share the exciting projects I am working on to bring to you in 2018.

Love always,

Bianca Veloso

Relationship Strategist

Founder of Brave Hearts Coaching

Creator of “Your New Love Life” Program

Love Fearlessly. Live Powerfully.