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Thank You, 2017!

As we wrap 2017 up, I would like to thank God for blessing me with the best year I've ever lived thus far. So many things to be grateful for, my health, family, loving relationship, friends, business partnerships, successful investments, and a thriving passionate vocation I adore. Brave Hearts Coaching was my EMBA project in 2015 and a scary dream to go after... But in 2016 it became a reality. And I want to share how I got here...

I've decided a long time ago to live on this planet with a purpose. To create, live and enjoy meaningful experiences with passion and love. I didn't know what would that look like. I prayed. I asked God to show me the way to contribute in this world and I wouldn't question it. I committed myself to lead my heart towards what I wanted to live and give. Even knowing it was going to be tough, I committed in doing it with and for love. For myself and for others. 

Sometimes I wonder about plan B, C, D... I haven't made it through the whole alphabet, which is a good sign! When those thoughts cross my mind, I forget my strength, my God's given talents, and I come to realize that is just fear stopping by to  challenge me. When that old companion says 'hi', I shift my focus and remember I'm being guided to do the work I do, and for a long time I've been prepared to do this. I immediately feel content and in peace.  We all have a mission in this life. Most of people don't have the courage to discover what this mission is. Or don't care to discover it. I encourage everyone to listen to the whispers of your destiny.

Maybe you have lost dear people in 2017... Maybe you are fighting an illness, maybe you were betrayed this year. I want you to know that you are exactly where you need to be. How do you know that? By having Faith, Gratitude & Loving What is - I covered that on my last blog

The secret to a good life experience is not the lessons learned, but how you live through the lessons. 

2017 was the year that I learned how to live through the lessons. How to be present, how to remain faithful, live with gratitude in my heart daily and love no matter what. It was a year that I was privileged to share Brave Hearts insights with my clients but I learned so much from every single one of them. How blessed I feel to have high caliber individuals depositing their trust in my practice. I know they can feel my compassion, honest and passionate guidance and I am humble to be their coach. Emotional Mastery is truly a gift that resides inside us all. It is my privilege to guide my clients in a journey of self love so they can live this amazing thing called life. 

I'm proud of Brave Hearts Coaching's 1st year. I feel lucky to be alive, healthy (after battling a nasty flu this week), simply because every experience is magical. The ripple effect that my work has is immeasurable, and knowing that my clients and its families are healthier, happier, wealthier is what keeps me going.  Above it all, I'm SO proud of their transformations. They have learned to love themselves, to be proud of them, to go through this journey with grace and love. 

We are all destined for greatness. I'm just getting started. There is so much to be done still. For that, I will continue to live and love without fear. Whatever the experience I have to live, it will serve to alter the course of the world. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to be alive and doing what I love. 

It's that time of the year where you renew your goals, resolutions and hope... How about you renew your responsibility? To love yourself and those around you? To live this life and share the best gift we all have inside of us? It can only be possible when you realign with your true power. 

Share the experience of loving fearlessly and living powerfully!

Cheers to a Magnificent Wealthy New Year for us all!

Love always & a BIG HUG,