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Women, It’s Time to Surrender the Masculine Energy!

There’s no denying that Feminism has done some great things for women, but it has also made us operate in the masculine energy-- intense and obsessively.

In fact, modern women forget what a feminine energy is and can't relate to the notion of when to lead and when to follow a partner or worst yet, when to trust and surrender.

During the courtship process, women need to understand the role of masculine energy and be certain not to take it on. Unfortunately, it has become too common that women step into masculine energy, even when they desire to be feminine, which leads them to become the pursuer instead of the one being pursued.

A woman acting in her masculine energy is a woman chasing and texting the man, following him on social media, obsessing over and committing to him before he steps up to claim her and the relationship.

No woman wants to be in that position, but many who come to me have been deeply disconnected from their feminine energy and have learned to "wear the pants" in relationships because they feel unsafe, unseen, unheard, misunderstood, and unprotected by masculine energy around them. This can often mean then that men experience women who are hardened, masculine, nagging, controlling to death, cold, stiff, and in competition with them to see who the "real man" is instead of being in devotion and expressive of their deeply feminine, radiant, devoted selves.

And the woman’s masculine energy may not show up at first, but it usually does over the course of the relationship. Polarity then begins to disappear, and often with it, attraction, connection and desire.

But the truth is, almost every woman in her feminine energy essence deeply longs for strong masculine energy in a man. It is something primal and ingrained into a woman’s DNA. And yet, when they share this desire, they express shame or talk about it in hushed, shameful tones...because society nowadays wants to erase this from our desire, and yet there it remains.

A woman’s desire for a man to express masculine energy is completely necessary for courtship, relationships, and in nature-- even the egg in a woman's womb is ready to be claimed and impregnated by the sperm that beats out all the others.

It is important then, that a woman allows the man to own his masculine energy of breaking free from constraints, overcoming difficulties, closing the deal, and being the protector and provider-- all of which are absolutely necessary for a woman to feel safe and flourish in her femininity.

Within a healthy courtship process, a man shows his masculine energy through paying for meals because doing so allows him to feel like a strong provider, which signals to a woman the possibility of bearing children with him and feeling safe enough to be vulnerable and therefore translates in him the desire to protect her. A man also shows his masculine energy by hunting more efficiently than other men, by being the initiator and the strategist in conquering a woman’s heart, the leader that beats out those seen as competition. A man who does this shows that he can protect and provide should a threat appear.

Furthermore, a man who plans the dates and has plans for his life means he has direction and deep purpose, and there is a higher chance that he is stable and capable of deeply loving you as a woman. A man who is wandering aimlessly to find his purpose is often not yet ready for long term commitment.

Just as importantly, when a woman stops operating in the masculine energy and allows herself to be deeply connected to her feminine energy essence, her level of desire for the man increases dramatically because she is allowed to be cherished, protected, and able to relax, feel safe, and trust her man.

Feminine energy is all about vulnerability to create deep connection and attraction for a man. If a woman doesn't feel safe enough to be vulnerable, her feminine energy takes a back seat to survival and protecting herself.

A woman in her feminine energy essence absolutely needs a man to display strong masculine energy in order for them both to be fully self expressed and experience the most fulfilling relationship possible.

So here, the question remains: what kind of relationship do you want?

Do you as a woman innately want to experience a man who expresses healthy masculine energy? Do you as a man want a soft, feminine, surrendered woman who allows herself to be pursued by you?

There are many, many ways of expressing relationships, and the concept of honoring masculine and feminine energy addresses one way only as it is the niche I work in, and none truer than any other. However, it is up to you to decide what you want to experience in yours.

To learn more about the energy you express and operate in and how to attract your ideal mate, I invite you to read this past post in which I explore your energy essence and how to balance the male and female energy you have.

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