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Problem or Opportunity? Here’s How to Know For Sure...

As a young child, you learned that screaming got you the attention you wanted. Cut to 20 or 30 years later and you’ve learned that screaming is not a productive long term strategy for navigating life.

Why’s that?

Because you understand that acting on past events without considering your current goals and circumstances is an exercise in futility—but this isn’t always an unconscious effort. Sometimes, you have to remind yourself not to blindly repeat behaviors simply because they worked in the past.

And that goes double when you’re looking to turn a problem into an opportunity.

Often, we remain stuck in a pattern that no longer serves our greater purpose. When we become consciously aware that we can change our pattern responses, we are empowered to move forward in more productive ways. “Our greatest personal challenge is to avoid our unconscious tendency to blindly repeat behaviors simply because they worked in the past. Truly conscious and empowered individuals view each situation with a critical eye, taking into account the unique circumstances inherent in each opportunity." But it’s only possible if you become consciously aware of your power to change your responses to life’s dings, dents, and snafus. Ready to build that muscle?

Try this: Identify a past event that continues to impact you in an unproductive way and outline its detrimental impact on your life.

Then ask yourself:

• Who am I blaming, and why? • How has this story kept me stuck? • What are the emotional limitations of the story I’ve created? • Why is this story complete bullshit?

Your greatest gifts come from your deepest pain, but only when you shut off the autopilot in your head and place your problems under a critical lens. Viewing events with a critical eye allows you to identify patterns that no longer serve your greater purpose. Unconsciously justifying your old habits becomes difficult, and more importantly, you begin to give new meaning to every experience. When you master your perceptions, you master your life.

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