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Magic Love Life

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day to remind us that what everyone wants in life is love, joy, passion, a sense of meaning that comes from connecting at a deeper level with another human being.

Nothing else matters besides the feeling from knowing that you touch another person's heart and soul, especially someone who you care, someone who you’re passionate, someone who you love. The only thing equally important is to feel that love, that passion and that excitement coming back to you!

Love and passion are not something that we just find. People that have a passionate loving life aren’t just lucky. It's something we create. Even if there was a magic moment when you met someone, for you to have that level of passion and love consistently and make it lasts, there are some set of principles that are required for you to sustain passion.

Whatever you’re in your relationship at this moment, my guess is there is another level you can take it. Even if your relationship is great and you want more connection, more compatibility, more joy, you need a set of principles to keep recreating the love and passion at the level that you desire.

And if your relationship is not where you want to be it's time to make the changes by making the changes in you first. And if you're not in a relationship, becoming who you want to attract is important so you can create and enjoy a magic love life.

What Valentine’s day is all about? To me, it’s like every other day in my life. I strive to experience love, passion, intimacy, connection, authenticity, joy, vitality, caring and compassion at the deepest levels everyday because a life that is magnified by the gift of bonding with another soul is a fulfilled life.

Think about it… What else can lift you up the highest besides the feeling of being desired and wanted and at the same time wanting and desiring someone with a hunger feeling that your partner knows your soul? And what could crush you more than the loss of that feeling? The feeling that you’re not loved, not desired, the emptiness inside of yourself that comes from not loving at the level of our soul. It can take a warrior to his knees and it can take a woman so unbelievably strong, intelligent, and smart and make her feel that she's nobody. The reality is that we've all have experienced both moments - the highs and the lows - but what I do for my clients is to take them on a journey with principles that will bring a lot more highs and a lot less lows.

If you can master anything in life, you can definitely master the relationship area of your life, even though you may think it’s difficult or overwhelming. That is true for most people because this is an area where there's a lot of fear and insecurities buried at subconscious level. We all know that intimate relationship is what gives us the most pleasure but we don't take the time to master our emotions.

I’m not selling you on anything. All I can say is that ever since I learned these principles and started applying with the discipline in my relationship on a regular basis, I’ve been able to create a kind of love that me and my partner are

both happy to be in. The passion exists like when we first met, and there is a sense of growing and connecting at a deeper level every day.

And this is not to say I have it perfect. There isn’t any perfect relationship. I just want to show you what's possible because I had my doubts in the past. And what I learned from different training and mentors, my own life experiences and mistakes is that, at the end of the day, we’re the author of our lives and we get to choose what we want to experience every day, every moment. So, choose wisely: unleash your brave heart, love fearlessly and live powerfully.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love always,

All the best,

Bianca Veloso

Relationship Strategist

Founder of Brave Hearts Coaching

+1 720 515 3490

Love Fearlessly. Live Powerfully.

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