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How women approach commitment is linked to unsuccessful relationships.

If you're a woman, one piece of good news before you read this blog post? You're not aware of it. Just like I wasn't. If you are a man, keep reading because there are nuggets of good information here for you in the realm of the big "C" in relationships.

We women often go for chemistry, attraction and a really good projection for what the man can be. We are so fixed on wanting the relationship that we let these requirements fog our vision and boom! All of a sudden, we wake up having a boyfriend and find ourselves in a relationship with a non-compatible partner. And we are all guilty from staying in the relationship and trying to change him. We want to make it work, we often want to change the man we are with when he is not a good fit! We go for the strong attraction and commitment first, compatibility later. Where for guys, is a different story.

Guys go for compatibility first, commitment later. Quality guys that is. A man wants to make sure that all the moments he spends with his lady is great, and he wants to see how the lady navigates through his different facets of his life like friendships, his family and day to day activities to see if there is compatibility before commitment. Why is that, you might ask?

Well, commitment represents a lot of responsibility and obligation for a man. If he wants to take on the commitment, live in his masculinity and be the leader in providing, taking care of, and protecting his woman, he wants to make sure that there is a lot of compatibility first so when he is in, he doesn’t have to change the woman he chose to be with. When we women choose attraction and commitment first versus compatibility, we often start nagging, telling them what to do, and have a desire to change the man we are in a relationship with, when compatibility is not present.

Specially with a healthy man, he will take it slow, rather than jumping into a relationship through impulse. He wants to see if there is compatibility on all different moments spent together before going all in and choosing you as his lady. If the relationship becomes an obligation for a man to provide only, it will weight down on passion. An alpha man, who lives in his masculine energy, wants to feel his woman in her feminine energy, which is care-free, deep emotional connection, fun and lightness. He will fill that space in which his masculine energy feeds from the feminine energy at his soul level, that makes him want to take on that obligation to provide and protect. That is why I built an online program to go deeper into masculine and feminine energy, and what polarity has to do with passion. A man will also take into consideration if the values between him and his lady are aligned, and when he feels secure in his decision, he will then commit.

Women often pressure a man into commitment before he goes into his internal process on his own, which makes him either go into his cave or run for the hills. With a healthy man, you want your feminine energy be present, to let him drive this decision, to arrive at it with certainty that when he chooses, he will be all in. This is crucial ladies!

Where is YOUR POWER as a feminine woman? Go for compatibility first, and choose if he is the right one for you based on value alignment, not just common interests. Don’t jump into conclusions too fast, especially if you know him for just 2 or 3 months. Or already thinks he is the one and the only one. In very rare occasion that spark happens and there is compatibility since the get go. Often, we fall for the projection we make in our heads because we want the relationship badly, until the day we wake up in a relationship with someone that is not a good fit. Play along with it by connecting into your feminine energy, and it will be revealed to you if the man you chose to date is compatible. Save yourself from the frustrations that come from trying to force a relationship to fit.

To sum up: Date for alignment, not for impulse.

Successful relationships are those that your partner wants to be with you long-term and also wants you to be happy, honoring the commitment to be in a healthy and satisfying relationship-- whatever the arrangement may be. When the desire is shared to fulfill each other's needs that bring fulfillment to both parties, the relationship can be truly satisfactory. In this kind of environment, true expression of love can be nourished.

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