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How does respect look like in a healthy relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship where you didn’t feel respected or didn’t respect the other person but stayed wayyyyyyy too long in that relationship? I know I have experienced that in the past on both fronts.

Your relationship might have a good solid foundation based on trust and open communication but if respect is not part of it, you’re not able to work through problems in your relationship. To me, respect is absolutely important and you can’t experience fulfillment and enjoy a healthy relationship if you don’t have trust and good communication as well. These are 3 of the 9 secrets to outstanding relationships I share in my free ebook as a gift for you!

And respect, like anything else, starts within you. If you don’t know how to take care of your own emotions, or if you don’t take responsibility for what you think and feel, and in moments of stress you project, you react emotionally, you say things you didn’t mean because you’re upset and not taking responsibility for what you think and feel, it’s challenging to have respect as part of the foundation in the relationship.

When you come from that space, you don’t show your partner respect. Regardless of what happens in the relationship, respect starts by being emotionally fit and capable of taking care of our own needs and feelings, without putting the blame on your partner. When you operate from this world, it becomes easier to be present with your partner and hold space for what she or he is feeling and thinking. Even when someone else’s opinion is different than mine, I respect the other person by understanding their model of the world and connecting with what is important to them.

That doesn’t mean you will accept or agree with someone else’s opinion every time. What it means is that you won’t allow that to affect your emotional state and you won’t put the responsibility for your own happiness on someone else.

In summary, the only thing that respect has over trust and communication as a trait in a healthy relationship is the fact that if you don’t respect your partner at his/her core character level, you can still be in a relationship but it won’t be a harmonious one. If there is no respect for how they treat people overall, their behaviors, or maybe just even the way they go about their day to day life, there will always be friction and conflict in the relationship. Simply because you can respect someone deeply if you don’t respect their character first.

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