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Emotional Mastery. If not now, then when?

How you feel about your most important relationships may seem like a straightforward process. However, the specific steps that leads to our feelings is usually an unconscious process.

Our feelings are the result of our current emotional state and personal psychology, our view of the world and the meaning we attach to situations. Unless we consciously manage these elements, we are likely to be unfulfilled and unhappy in our relationships.

Awareness of our physiology is also vitally important. How we carry ourselves reflects how we feel and is another way that our body produces emotions.

Ask yourself: “What is my body actually feeling at this present moment? Are there areas of tightness, warmth or pain? Are they enjoyable or painful?” Pay attention to your bodily sensations. Allow your body and brain to work together. When you manage your physical and emotional states you are poised to control your life and effectively manage your relationships.

While we are all unique, we also have certain fundamental similarities. We all produce emotions in the same ways. When we master our emotions, we master our lives! And before we can have a healthy relationship with anyone else, we must first have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Becoming consciously aware of our emotions and learning to harness their power will allow you to achieve productive outcomes within yourself and in your most important relationships.

“If not now, then when?”

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