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A Quick Lesson in Summer Lovin,’ Polarity, and Passion.

Confession: Summertime makes me feel aligned with my essence.

Beautiful weather, beach days, outdoor concerts, the nostalgia of being a teen with nothing better to do—and when we turn the bend from spring to summer, I instantly lock into the free flow of my true essence.

Question: Do you know your energy essence?

More importantly, do you know what energy are you operating on and how to balance the male and female energy you have?

I ask because it has everything to do with the passion my clients crave in their relationships. Having a balance of seemingly opposite forces that complement each other actually creates harmony and is the root of passion.

If you’re picturing a Yin-Yang symbol, you’re on the right track!

Masculine energy endures. It pushes through despite tough odds and wounded emotions. It is the energy that keeps us with our sh*t together because a family's survival might depend on it, even when we want to break down and cry.

Feminine energy is for healing, is a place to go inwards, to spend time with and enable that healing. It tops all action and is the heart and grace of God (there is nothing like it in the world!). It’s also the is the energy I intensely draw upon in my work and that comes alive most strongly for me during the summer.

Here is a quick lesson in Polarity:

Masculine = Pursuer / Feminine = Pursued

Masculine = Giver / Feminine = Receiver

Masculine = Lets Go / Feminine = Hangs On

Masculine = Leaves / Feminine = Gathers

Masculine = Forgets / Feminine = Remembers

The forces of male and female energies and qualities are not gender-based, and any person (male or female) can embody these energies.

Whatever energy is dominant is fine; in fact, we need both in our life.

The most important thing is to know what your true nature is and to embody it. Attracting the right partner is really about claiming your essence and knowing how to dance with it. Someone has to lead.

Likewise, people that are too similar repel one another. To uncover your essence, ask yourself:

  • Do I act aggressively toward potential partners?

  • Do I pursue? Am I the type to call first?

  • Do I give in to sex without requiring a commitment first?

  • Do I make small things big or do I make big things small?

  • Do I earn respect by my intelligence? Or do I want my feelings to be cherished first?

This is not absolute. It’s a guide. But once you understand your essence and the energy you naturally work with, it’s on you to seek out partners who are your complement. From there, you must be willing to explore how to dance with male and female energies (since we have both) and which roles you each fill.

Otherwise, you’ll continue to collide, disconnect, and live without passion.

Get clear on where you stand and how to attract your ideal mate.

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