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A Man's Guide to a Woman's Heart.

I have seen relationships rise from the ashes through simple shifts that couples make together, but there is one thing that brings harmony and passion back to relationships faster than the speed of light. And it has to do with what a man does for his lady, once he understand what goes on inside her heart.

Every woman needs to feel that she is special,

she is safe, heard, understood, cared for and loved.

It is a need, not a desire.

Most men would say they express how special their ladies are and have told her many times that they love her, but men, do not assume that just because you have told her once that you love her that she knows or feels it all the time. It is important to remind her again and do things that make her feel that you care. A great book about this subject is called "The 5 Love Languages", by Dr. Gary Chapman. What goes on inside the heart of a woman is that she doubts at times whether she is good enough. She has a built in need to please you and make you happy. It is a part of her self-esteem. It makes her feel wonderful inside.

I am not advocating here that you express the unique qualities about her, and tell her everyday why you picked her and how special she is…No, I don't believe a man needs to do that constantly or bombard her with compliments. But the truth is, when you make a point to convey that she is special and that you understand her unique qualities, you will score BIG! Why is doing this so important, you may ask?

Every woman feels a sense of insecurity in her relationship that is only remedied by her man. Once a woman bonds with a man, it is natural for her to wonder if the bond will last, not because she is doubtful, but because her heart is invested in the relationship and she does not want to be hurt. That is why she needs to know that you love her and that you think she is you did when you first started dating. You may be thinking right now… “I don’t want a woman who has so many needs and must be reassured all the time!”

But, I assure you that the type of woman that doesn't have many needs is one who is likely to be cold and detached from you or the relationship, and while she may be really desirable, smart or whatever, a woman like that often leaves a man lonely. You can’t expect a woman to be tender and soft for you and not be willing to nurture her sometimes. As a woman, she is naturally more emotionally dependent on you than you are on her. The love, affection, and desire that you have for your lady impacts her self-esteem in a big way and strengthens her desire and commitment to you.

This is why gestures mean so much to her. They remind her that you think she is special. And when she feels special, she will be more tender and open toward you. She will be more agreeable to what you want and will naturally want to please you more.

Every woman is different, but the key to a woman's heart

and affection is the same-- nurture her, express your love,

and show her that she is your special lady,

and she will respond with greater love, and desire for you.

You see, when a woman's needs are answered, the man's needs are abundantly fulfilled. And when you make it your habit to provide for her needs, passion will reappear in your life and it will be there consistently. It will flow from her effortlessly because you have made it safe for her to have all the feelings toward you that you like.

You will empower her. And you will feel the passion in your relationship resurrected.

You deserve to have a relationship filled with passion that also meets your needs. Sign up today for the Magic Love Life course to reignite passion and experience lasting love!

Love Always,


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