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What Shapes Your Destiny

How do you react when confronting challenging situations? Have you ever cringed at the thought of how you handled some situations in the past? I know I have!

Until I learned about focus and meanings.

Wait, what? Yes. You read it right.

Where we choose to focus our attention shapes our lives, our relationships and ultimately our destiny.

Feelings surface when we give meaning to the things we focus on most. When we allow ourselves to be ruled by unproductive emotions, we lose sight of our highest values and violate them. Conscious living provides us with opportunities to focus on our priorities.

Ask yourself these questions:

Where do you focus your attention?

What meaning do you give to the things you focus on most? Do you notice the dark cloud in every silver lining or the silver lining in every dark cloud? Is the glass half empty or half full? Does God punish or challenge us to step up our game?

After we focus on the specific aspects of a situation, and give meaning them, we then react as corresponding feelings are generated. We then move forward, give up, shut-up, sit down or stand up.

Emotions, like behaviors, are also habits, and when we enter into a relationship, we seek to magnify the exhilarating feelings we associate with them.

Focusing our attention, associating meaning to the things we focus on, and generating corresponding emotions before choosing our actions become habits.

Do you know your emotional patterns? Do you know where you place your focus when you have issues in your relationships? What about the meaning you give to life's events?

Emotionally fit individuals know how to re-direct their focus, give the appropriate meanings to past and present circumstances, and express their feelings in productive ways, while eliminating the fears that often surround daily lives.

Mike and I will help you to change your focus, to change the meaning you associate with your experiences and to make it easy to choose more productive responses and achieve the loving relationship you desire. We will guide you to naturally create and express the love, partnership, and romance that fuels successful relationships.

If not now, then when?

Learn your emotions and shape your destiny in just few sessions with 2 highly trained and compassionate coach and counselor. Focus on your emotions and have an epic relationship!

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Bianca and Mike.

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