About Us

Welcome! I am Bianca.

My goal is to share insights and strategies for you to get more out of love and life!
What does that really mean?

  • It means pinpointing the beliefs and self-defeating patterns that drive your decision making;
  • It means getting clear on your energetic essence and emotional frameworks;
  • It means learning to communicate your feelings and needs effectively;
  • It means utilizing high-impact world-class breakthrough process to reprogram patterns of language and habits to experience both immediate and long-term shifts that include healthier life, fulfilling relationships, authentic personal power and a greater sense of inner peace.

Sound like what you’ve been dreaming of? We can together.
To be clear, I’m not offering a magic pill. I can help you become aware of your blind spots and grow at a habitual level. I’ll help you create lasting change for yourself that leads to passion, love, and fulfillment in relationships.
Why? Because you deserve unconditional love and an epic life. We all do!
Unconditional love is not reserved for a lucky few. Everyone has resistance inside that comes from stacking up false beliefs and rules throughout the years, but I strongly believe in your ability to build new rules for yourself and experience true love.

But like you, it took me time to get here. While I saw tremendous success developing markets around the world and working for tech giants such as Microsoft, my personal life, health and marriage of seven years suffered.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and began learning from the best relationship experts, family counselors and high-performance coaches in the world.

Ultimately, I am most interested in how we break through the hidden challenges that hold us back from reaching our full potential and achieving fulfillment in relationships and in life.

Which sounds great, but since you’re a high achiever, you’re probably looking for some hard facts and credentials:

  • I'm a Trained Tony Robbins Strategic Interventionist, a Certified High-Performance Coach and a Senior Leader at Tony Robbins life events. I believe in delivering results in the shortest time possible. My clients are successful professionals who have been focused on their careers and now want to achieve the same results in a love relationship and other areas of life.
  • I hold an Executive MBA with emphasis in Leadership and Innovation. Translation: Through transformational and innovative coaching services, I lead high achievers to get more out of love & life.
  • I use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning) to help my clients experience lasting changes.
  • People tell me they enjoy my sense of humor, the fact that I keep things simple, and that I’m authentic in all situations. They find me relatable because I have the “I give a sh!t” gene.
Bianca is a Relationship Strategist, a High-Performance Coach,
a Workshop Facilitator and the Founder of Brave Hearts Coaching.
I’m a solution-driven, passionate, charismatic relationship strategist and also a Senior Leader at Tony Robbins live events. Combined with my extensive background in leading sales teams and developing markets in the United States and across different continents, I focus on emotional mastery to break through mental roadblocks that naturally arise from the experiences we have in life and hold us back from realizing our potential.
Ultimately, I am most interested in teaching you the tools and resources to learn emotional mastery for relationships. We all have been taught the science of achievement in business but we didn’t learn the art of fulfillment in life.
That’s why I created a signature program called “Your New Love Life“ not to teach my clients just how to create extraordinary relationships, but to understand what is preventing them from having it all in the first place. I guide them to understand their values, belief systems and emotions to close the gap from where they are and where they want to be in love and life!
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Much Love,
Bianca & Team Brave Hearts