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advice brave hearts dating emotional intelligence empowerment healthy relationship love personal development relationship advice stop arguments stop fighting unhealthy relationship May 15, 2020

Getting into discussions with others is an inevitable part of being human.

With a global pandemic scenario and a lot of uncertainty, doubts, and fear, arguments have skyrocketed.

Having knowledge and resources to diminish and end all together conflicts is crucial at this time.

If you're someone who is always fighting with the people you love, this video is for you!

Watch these 4 insights to understand what happens to couples or anyone under stress and get practical ideas on how to stop fighting and improve relationships in your life right away. 👏🙏

A quick recap of video for you to implement these 4 insights:

1- Know what's going on in your life. If you have ongoing stress, fatigue, and overwhelm in your life. Take care of your problems and stress. Be open and honest about how you are feeling not only with your loved ones, but with yourself. Once you are aware and proactive about how your internal feelings and thoughts affect your external actions with others, you will soon notice a lot less fighting within your relationships.

2. Know your mental and emotional triggers. Verbalize your own triggers. It’s not their responsibility to avoid all of yours all the time, but if they’re aware of them, they can learn to work with you through them. But even more importantly, you need to be aware of what triggers you. If you’re unaware of your own triggers and they’re unaware of your triggers, then the possibility of conflict will always be looming over that relationship.

3. Breathe & Be intentional with your language during an argument. When you allow yourself the time to internally center yourself and make thoughtful choices during an argument, you and your partner will leave feeling validated and heard because your conversation shifts from destructive to constructive.

4. Be the Generous One - Give the other person the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that there’s a reason for their viewpoint during a fight. Be someone who understands that we all have our own triggers and communication styles that we bring into conflict within our relationships, but the way we tackle them is character-defining. When you realize that solving a conflict means working together as a team towards a common goal or solution, versus proving yourself right, that is when you really start to receive more value, more love, more support in your relationships.

As always, unleash your brave heart, and start enjoying your new love life today! 

To healthier and loving relationships,


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