The One Secret to Healthy Relationships

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I get asked this question quite often…
"Bianca, what has to happen for things to improve in relationships?" The very practical way is to really shift both parties in a relationship. And another question I get asked frequently is "why don't you work with women only? They are the ones who are open to coaching"...
"Hmm"... I say: "I work with both male and female. And here is why… Most men really do care for their partners, but they're not armed with the understanding of females and the real differences between men and women, in what compels our behaviors, especially under stress. This is where most men think they are losing the game!
Without this understanding is like playing a game without knowing how to score, let alone how to win! What ends up happening is that we keep bringing out the worst in each other and never experience the real beauty inside of us, let alone appreciate the beautiful differences which are complimentary of each other and essential for healthy relationships. And learning about our differences is the first step.
Most men, and to some extent, a great deal of women nowadays, do not feel like relationship is an area they feel successful and when you talk to people about which areas of their lives that they feel strongest, you almost always find that they are stronger in their career than in the relationship with their kids. They're stronger even in their body then they are in their relationship... And what makes even harder is because you're dealing with a person who has completely different energies, needs, thoughts, beliefs and feelings than you.
Oh... and let me remind you that, simultaneously, while you love that person, you’re facing the deepest fear we all have deep inside of us which is the fear “am I enough and will this love last?” which complicate things even further because that fear base trigger makes us go insane inside when love is nor reciprocated.
You can bring that aliveness back to relationship, to feel that love and passion again, but the challenge, of course, is that most people today have perspective and expectation for their partners that they don’t have for themselves. So what's the real challenge in relationships? The challenge in relationships (and in life) is not having emotional fitness. That starts with understanding how emotionally fit you are.
The truth is that any aspect of your life comes down to a sense of psychological strength through emotional mastery.
And if you're going to have an extraordinary relationship, it's all based on magnifying emotions with another person. So next time you’re having any issue in your relationship, ask yourself: how emotionally fit am I?
Training yourself alone can’t be a long bumpy road full of heartaches... Just like when you want to get better at anything is life, you seek a professional who has studied and done the work in their lives. Make sure your coach works with both parties. Because it takes two to make a relationship great and worth giving your full heart to it.
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