The Power of Deeper Connections

deepconnectionquotes deeperconnection healthyrelationship howtobuildemotionalconnection lovelifeonyourterms personaldevelopment powerofconnections relationshipcoaching signsofanemotionalconnection Apr 25, 2020

Do you want to feel deeper connections?🤔💞

There is a deeper desire to feel a connection with humanity again, for a lot of us right now... We are socially isolated and very concentrated in “surviving” this virus that we find ourselves so disconnected from the world outside of our homes. 💔

We are not feeling those beautiful emotions like compassion, empathy, love, service, kindness throughout the day in the midst of all the negativity being portrayed in the news and Social Media. 📺📲

Listen to this insight and take action to experience meaningful connections right now despite social distancing and before you miss the opportunity to connect with someone at a deeper level. 🥰

Don't wait for the perfect occasion to connect with someone. 

This week, one of my best friends lost her husband to cancer. He was a great man, husband, a father, and a friend. If you watch the video, you will see I mentioned that sometimes we fell those connections and we don't share with others...
And sometimes, the person you felt the connection passes away, and the love is unspoken. I'm glad I had the chance to share how much Dan meant to all of us when he was still alive. 🙏

Who can you give that gift of love today?

Life is passing us all by and tomorrow is not guaranteed!

If you want to connect with me for a virtual coffee and catch up, let's do it!

Stay safe, healthy, and connected!

With love,


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