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A Man's Guide to a Woman's Heart.

Every woman is different, but the key to a woman's heart and affection is the same. Read on to learn what it is, and find out just how t

Conflict in Relationships: Do You Accept, Reject, or Tolerate it?

When you are in relationship with someone a long time, conflict is inevitable--some even say that conflict can go hand in hand with passion. Sure, that might create variety from time to time for two human beings trying to accommodate each other’s uniquely different desires and interests, but what impacts the long-term health of the relationship is the way that they deal with the conflict. When conflicts arise, are you one who accepts them? If so, are the conflicts worth the time and effort? Chances are that most of the time you end up not sweating the idiosyncrasies and instead compromise or work through the conflict with your partner. Or, are you one who rejects conflict? Have such action c

The Secret Behind Successful Relationships

We’ve all experienced the fun, “getting to know each other” stage of dating-- she laughs at my jokes, he shows affection in public; she's got great style, he cares about his appearance. But within it all, and no matter how fun things are out of the gate, the thing that determines whether a relationship will be successful depends on compatibility. I wrote a blog post about this topic earlier in the year. I was blown away by the feedback received from both men and women and how they related to it. To sum-up that post and to create a segway for today’s post, I coach my clients to choose compatibility first and to then see whether the partner is the right one. Impulsive decisions lead to disappo


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