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Why Do Women Fall for Emotionally Unavailable Men?

Have you ever watched a TV series-- like one of my all-time favorites, Scandal-- and wondered about the love dynamic between the protagonists? In Scandal, Olivia Pope plays a White House badass lawyer-turned-into-all-political-scandals-fixer who had an affair with the married presidential candidate, Fitz Grant, who ends up becoming the United States President. As entertaining as the series has been, it is astonishing to see the influence that absent love in her childhood has on her adult relationships and on how she has learned to cope with it. Unfortunately, many women are caught up in patterns of co-dependence and find themselves attached to absent love. Much like Olivia Pope's character w

What Shapes Your Destiny

How do you react when confronting challenging situations? Have you ever cringed at the thought of how you handled some situations in the past? I know I have! Until I learned about focus and meanings. Wait, what? Yes. You read it right. Where we choose to focus our attention shapes our lives, our relationships and ultimately our destiny. Feelings surface when we give meaning to the things we focus on most. When we allow ourselves to be ruled by unproductive emotions, we lose sight of our highest values and violate them. Conscious living provides us with opportunities to focus on our priorities. Ask yourself these questions: Where do you focus your attention? What meaning do you give to the t


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