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A Quick Lesson in Summer Lovin,’ Polarity, and Passion.

Confession: Summertime makes me feel aligned with my essence. Beautiful weather, beach days, outdoor concerts, the nostalgia of being a teen with nothing better to do—and when we turn the bend from spring to summer, I instantly lock into the free flow of my true essence. Question: Do you know your energy essence? More importantly, do you know what energy are you operating on and how to balance the male and female energy you have? I ask because it has everything to do with the passion my clients crave in their relationships. Having a balance of seemingly opposite forces that complement each other actually creates harmony and is the root of passion. If you’re picturing a Yin-Yang symbol, you’r

Yes, There Is A Formula for Happiness With No Calculus Required.

Be honest: What’s one area of your life where you’re not happy right now? It could be your figure, finances, career, a relationship. It might sound something like, "I should be married / live in a great neighborhood / working at a better company,” and so on—write it down. I want to reveal the formula for happiness, but it’s important for you to see this idea work in real time. When the way you’re living your life doesn’t match what I call your “blueprint,” you’re bound to have disappointment, frustration, and areas of your life where you’re not happy. Your blueprint is the story in your head of how life is supposed to be, otherwise known as your Big List of Shoulds. Ask yourself these questi


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